Check Out Free Movies Online from Anywhere…Did I mention FREE?!?

Hey guys!!! So for my first chat with you, I thought I would start with the basics. I moved back home to Charlotte, NC in 2008. When I first arrived, I brought with me my slightly obsessive reading habits. As my new job involved a significant pay cut I had to figure out a way to support my habit LOL! Enter the Charlotte Mecklenburg Library. Back then libraries equaled free books, and maybe if I was lucky a computer and printer I could use to print out my resumes for job hunting. I remember going to the main library downtown (yes I still call it downtown) no matter how many stadiums and bars go up, it will always be downtown to me! That was really the extent of my library experience for the next 7 years…every now and then I would go check out the book sales and score good books on the cheap.

So what changed? I enrolled in the online Masters of Library Science program at East Carolina University. During my Technology class, I got a chance to really explore the technology that libraries offer now. In true nerd girl fashion, I was hooked. I mean, can you really beat mixing the best of both worlds…all things written and all things techie!?! So this blog is really me taking you along as I explore what my local Charlotte Mecklenburg library system has to offer.

I figured I should start at the most logical point – the library website. It’s located at (you might want to bookmark that…if you are planning to come along with me LOL)! So in looking at the site, I figured the best option would be to explore the menu. The site itself is pretty cool looking, and organized. I know back in the day, you could check out movies. This week has been rough as I am on the home stretch for final paper/project deadlines at school, and a major project deadline at work. So I decided to see what options are available now to check out some entertainment. You would not BELIEVE the amount of options to check out movies remotely! Just go to the Menu option, and select eBooks+.

As a self-professed nerd, when I saw the PBS Streaming option I jumped at the chance….hoping to get to watch Bob Ross paint happy little trees. Sadly, for some reason my library card number was not accepted when I entered it. So after a couple of phone calls to the library, a ticket was submitted to their IT Support and I gave up on the PBS Option (at least until tomorrow)! So I decided to try something else. On to Hoopla, an online site that lets you borrow movies or TV series to be streamed or downloaded to your computer or mobile device. After clicking on Access Now, selecting the Charlotte Mecklenburg Library option, I entered my personal information including my library card number and I was in business. There is a limit of 6 movies that can be streamed or downloaded per month. Since this is a FREE service you get for just having a library card, 6 is pretty generous to me! Pretty cool surprise that once I logged on, I realized I could borrow audiobooks, movies, TV shows, and even music. And there are even movies and music available in a variety of languages including Hindi and Spanish. Surprisingly good stuff…I mean Richard Pryor albums! Who knew?!? So as I am looking at all the choices I realized they have an option to flag your favorites, or in my case the “to be watched movies”! 20 tagged movies later I decide to watch a movie I have been dying to see! So please excuse me, as I am watching Ong Bak 2: The Beginning being streamed to my computer…courtesy of Charlotte Mecklenburg Library!!!!